Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Science Fashion

Ever wondered why it is that science fiction movies set in the future always forget or plain neglect to update fashion trends... particularly hair styles?

I know I have, check out my new song on this very topic here

Monday, February 1, 2010

Played until my fingers... wept

Hearing the lyrics of Bryan Adam's Summer of '69 I guess I had always felt a little cheated that I had never played until my fingers bled. Recording some guitar tracks for the Flying Cars album, now in development, I was presented with the opportunity to play until my fingers bled. I had not played in quite some time and so felt these would be optimal conditions as my supple finger tips would be all the more likely to fulfill my destiny. I was disappointed, however, to find that my finger tips went from supple, to momentarily blistered, and then to... well... it wasn't blood.

So I now ask, is it possible to play until your fingers bleed, Mr. Bryan Adams, what are your sources? It is MR. Adams and not DR. Adams? What do you know of the anatomical workings. All I know is you are a spreader of falsities.