Thursday, May 13, 2010

Triple J Unearthed

Finally got a couple of good new tracks from Flying Cars onto my Triple J Unearthed account so anyone who reads this should go there and listen or rate or some shit. You know, support like a sports bra, people.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The BoogieMan 2010

Yeah, I thought that 'The BoogieMan' was such a groovy song and the original version of it on Science Fiction did not do it justice. Accordingly, the song has been slightly changed and the vocals re-recorded and will be re-released on Flying Cars when that becomes available for downloads (which will not be far away).
On that note I just wanted to clear some things up. The meaning of 'The BoogieMan'? Some have said that it is actually a slick metaphor for self discovery as one finds a new element of themselves rising to prominence. "Hey, I wasn't like this before, I didn't have the confidence, this is new and frightening". Close but no cigar, and believe me when I say I like a cigar. Some even pondered whether or not I was talking about myself, that I was in fact THE Boogieman. This too is illogical because I am not a D.J. If the song were about me it would be more like: "The BoogieMan is a producer," (which would fore a change in the rhyme scheme) "gonna make a track (a track) for all the drug users" etc.
It's a nice idea that the song would have this kind of figurative and emotional depth but it is far more concrete. There is actually a D.J. living (or at least there was when I wrote the track) beneath my bed who spun Vanilla Ice records every night - you know how Ice says to check out his hook while his D.J. revolves it? Yeah, that was this guy.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Face Book

Just saying that if you want to hear tracks the best place to go is to the facebook page - go there now and check it out

Monday, May 3, 2010

Electro Pants

In this riveting update, Lachlan Walmsley of ĒON (it’s me, yeah) and a scientist/ literary buff discuss the song Electro Pants from the soon to be released Flying Cars album. Who better to comment on science fiction themes than one who heralds from both disciplines?

Lachlan Walmsley: tell me what you think is going on

Science Expert and Literary Enthusiast: I think a guy is given a pair of technologically sophisticated pants that update to stay a step ahead of fashion all the time. Eventually, he discovered that the man who gave him said pants is none other than HIMSELF from the future.

Lachlan Walmsley: SPOT FLIPPING ON! Good, I'm glad that it's clear. It's quite obvious, isn't it?

Science Expert and Literary Enthusiast: I thought it was quite clear, yes. I thought maybe there was some underlying metaphor I was missing.

Lachlan Walmsley says: Well, no, it was just two different paradoxes:

1. Where did the pants come from?

2. They were programmed with information on fashion trends made available in hindsight, but it was because they had the information early on that actually initialized the trend - bringing about the question - who designed the fashions?

Science Expert and Literary Enthusiast: I think you'll find that the answer to both those questions is "The man who built the pants."

It was you to whom I was talking about with the piece of paper that gets passed through time, much like these pants, but eventually fades and crumbles away, yeah?

Lachlan Walmsley says: We did indeed have that conversation.

Science Expert and Literary Enthusiast: I like to think that you could somehow trace the pants backwards through numerous times like that.

Actually, with the paper thing -- let's say you're the last you with the paper. Future You appears and says "Hey, pass this piece of paper on to Past You when you have time travel." but then you lose it or it's destroyed or whatever.

You don't have the paper to pass on, so Past You never gets it But ends up in the EXACT SAME POSITION as Present You, i.e., without the piece of paper

Did you ever get the piece of paper?

Or do you just THINK you did?

I got this awesome Atomic Robo comic in Sydney the other day with time travel in it with a similar kind of paradox. "I'm trying not to think about it." "Good. Don't. Faith in causality is perhaps the very cornerstone of sanity."

Lachlan Walmsley: Ooh, that’s good. It's like the grandfather paradox of the time traveler being their own grandfather. After several loops, does the DNA become degraded?

Science Expert and Literary Enthusiast: Oh my god, It SHOULD.

Lachlan Walmsley: - until they eventually come to a stage where they wouldn't have the ability to traveler to the past let alone seduce and mate with their grandmother.

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Keep your ears, eyes and, most importantly, your hearts open for news on Flying Cars