Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The BoogieMan 2010

Yeah, I thought that 'The BoogieMan' was such a groovy song and the original version of it on Science Fiction did not do it justice. Accordingly, the song has been slightly changed and the vocals re-recorded and will be re-released on Flying Cars when that becomes available for downloads (which will not be far away).
On that note I just wanted to clear some things up. The meaning of 'The BoogieMan'? Some have said that it is actually a slick metaphor for self discovery as one finds a new element of themselves rising to prominence. "Hey, I wasn't like this before, I didn't have the confidence, this is new and frightening". Close but no cigar, and believe me when I say I like a cigar. Some even pondered whether or not I was talking about myself, that I was in fact THE Boogieman. This too is illogical because I am not a D.J. If the song were about me it would be more like: "The BoogieMan is a producer," (which would fore a change in the rhyme scheme) "gonna make a track (a track) for all the drug users" etc.
It's a nice idea that the song would have this kind of figurative and emotional depth but it is far more concrete. There is actually a D.J. living (or at least there was when I wrote the track) beneath my bed who spun Vanilla Ice records every night - you know how Ice says to check out his hook while his D.J. revolves it? Yeah, that was this guy.

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